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Daily Events are the best way to gather most materials. Daily events must be unlocked using a key, which will enable three quests for 60 minutes. Keys can be collected once a day, and you can save up to 5 keys.

Along with materials, potions, coins, XP, and Lyra are rewarded as well.

Tier I Stamina: 7

Tier II Stamina: 15

Tier III Stamina: 22

Tier IV Stamina: 30

Monday[edit | edit source]

Daily event monday.png

Pyros & Anaxagoras

Materials: Wood, Mushroom, Ice, Slate, Copper, Amber, Platinum, Sapphire, Fire, Prima Materia

Daily Seed.png

Tuesday[edit | edit source]

Daily event tuesday.png

Atlas & Alchimiac

Materials: Bone, Sand, Poisonous Plant, Scorpion Stinger, Stalactite, Coral, Gold, Diamond, Earth, Alkahest

Daily Shadow.png

Wednesday[edit | edit source]

Daily event wednesday.png

Paean & Duskrift

Materials: Swamp Water, Vine, Conch, Squid Carcass, Bloodstone, Ancient Wood, Silver, Mountain Stone, Aglaophotis, Dark Matter

Daily Spark.png

Thursday[edit | edit source]

Daily event thursday.png

Terma & Crasis

Materials: Mud, Moss, Crocodile Hide, Ink, Bell, Candle Wax, Brass, Marble, Cintamani, Alchemic Matter

Daily Tear.png

Friday[edit | edit source]

Daily event friday.png

Aether & Ymir

Materials: Sandstone, Salt, Wrecked Wood, Paper, Brick, Granite, Ruby, Blood, Air, Eitr

Daily Flare.png

Saturday[edit | edit source]

Daily event saturday.png

Monoceros, Veilbane & Voltres

Materials: Rock, Feather, Wrecked Steel, Cloth, Iron, Ram's Horn, Emerald, Ceramic, Sword, Alicorn, Shadow, Lightning

Sunday[edit | edit source]

Daily event sunday.png

Aquaneus, Timaeus & Talos

Materials: Shell, Cactus, Coal, Seaweed, Bronze, Steel, Pearl, Stained Glass, Tapestry, Water, Carmot, Ichor