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About Alignments

Alignments provide an additional strategy to Titans by creating inherent strength and weakness depending on the alignment assignment.

Alignment Chart

Alignment Strengths & Weaknesses

Neutral - All
Alignment--shadow.png Shadow Alignment--spark.png Spark Alignment--seed.png Seed
Alignment--spark.png Spark Alignment--tear.png Tear Alignment--shadow.png Shadow
Alignment--tear.png Tear Alignment--flare.png Flare Alignment--spark.png Spark
Alignment--flare.png Flare Alignment--seed.png Seed Alignment--tear.png Tear
Alignment--seed.png Seed Alignment--shadow.png Shadow Alignment--flare.png Flare


i. What are Alignments?

Alignments provide an additional strategy to Titans by creating inherent strength and weakness depending on the alignment assignment – similar to how fire is strong against greenery, but weak against water.

ii. What are the available Alignments?

There are 5 available Alignments, Shadow, Spark, Tear, Flare, and Seed.

iii. What do I get for unlocking my Titan’s Alignment? Unlocking an Alignment grants your Titan with an additional passive skill, provides combat bonuses over other Alignments, and a universal bonus against Neutral cards (cards without their alignments unlocked).

iv. How does the Alignment passive skill work?

The passive skill unlocked from Alignments acts like a other passive skills, except it only applies to the individual Titan, whether it’s a leader or not.

v. How are attack strengths and weaknesses calculated for Aligned Titans?

The values of the attacker are modified against the target card. Based on the Alignment, the attack’s ATK is either boosted or reduced. When Aligned Titans attack Neutral/unAligned Titans, they simply take more damage.

vi. How do I unlock my Titan’s Alignment?

To unlock an alignment, you need to collect Catalyst items. They come in 3 different rarities (Common, Rare, Divine), and 3 Catalyst different items are required for each card Alignment. The Alignment recipes themselves will vary depending on the Titan rarity.

vii. Where do I find Catalyst items?

Catalyst items are found available in new Daily Events.

viii. What will happen to my Alignments when I attempt to FUSE or EVOLVE my Titans?

When FUSING or EVOLVING a Titan, the base Titan will always keep its Alignment – this includes Neutral/unAligned Titans as well. For clarification, the resulting Alignment after a fusion or evolution will appear in the middle of the 2 cards.

ix. I’ve been playing for awhile now, do I get anything for being a loyal user?

We’ve selected a group of users based their commitment to the game to receive a bundle pack of Catalyst items! The amounts will vary, and will be deliverable to the in-game inbox!

x. Is there anything else I should know about alignments?

- additional goals have been added for alignments

- target cards now make your cards glow either green or red depending on their alignment. The previous glow from charged skills have now been moved to just the skill bar.

Alignment Wheel

Alignment wheel2.png

Catalyst Items

Alignments items.png